Evotech Residential & Commercial Wooden Door Handle Digital Security Lock |Touch Screen Smart Electronic Digital Door Lock (Silver)- ETD41 (Left Hand Reverse)

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Evotech Offer a wide selection of top quality digital locks as well as professional installation and after sales services, our technicians are real craftsmen, passionate about making your office/home space safe and secure. 
Evotech Located in New Delhi focus on digital lacks for hotels, resorts, schools, hospital, banks, residential areas, Gyms and other facilities worldwide. Our Locks are specially designed for convenient and secure use by our customers by fingerprint/touch id or by simply entering user password or swipe RFID card to open the lock (Depending upon different range of models provided by EVOTECH).
MISSION: To offer our customers high quality product at very reasonable prices. 

The team here at Evotech don’t just supply digital locks for doors and cabinets, here they create perfect one-step service. Be a partner of Evotech, we will leave you a better experience them you had ever before. We will control the quality, wide off your worry, save your precious time. The Whole team will listen to your comments, which allows us to make it more effective and professional for next cooperation. If you got any Curiosity about our service, please our service, please contact us now.

We strive to provide you with the highest quality digital door locks. This coupled with unsurpassed attention to customer service and has made Evotech locks a market Leader and has earned preferred vendor status. 

VISION: To be most valuable company of the 21st century by converting the world’s basic locks to digital locks. 
– Easy Installation 
Keyless Security:
\\nNever have to worry about keys to lose, hide, carry or forget.

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