Personal security services in Bangalore

Oteba security is pioneer security agency to provide top class personal Security Services in Bangalore. We are one of the best security guard agencies and have provided PSO personal security officers, bouncers, body guards to many celebrities, politicians, VIP guests and bureaucrats. We have wide variety of personal security guards which includes personal protection officers PPO, Protection officers PO, armed or non armed personal body guards, Bouncers for event management etc.

Why choose personal body guards from Oteba securities?

As a best security service provider Obeta can help you with recruitment of honest and trusted personal body guards for long term service. There is no attrition rate at all we provide all types of benefits to our security guards on payroll. Our guards can work in night or day shift and can also extend their duty as overtime. They are well educated and highly skilled worker who can understand English, Hindi or local language. These guards can welcome your guests and make them sit on waiting couch. They can also help you keep an eye to your loved and dear one to safeguard them from any potential dangers.

Personal security guard job responsibility

A personal bodyguard or security guard ensures safety of politically important people and famous celebrity. They protect them from mob agility and personal attacks. Body guards accompany them in private vehicles of clients to safeguard them for any danger. They are full day worker and can help you to watch closely all the activities of your loved and dear ones. These body guards can also work secretly as companion and provide you safety assurance of you children as well.

Oteba Personal Body guards are highly skilled professionals

Our company is one of the best personal security guard service providers in Bangalore. We have highly skilled and well trained bodyguards who can protect your child from kidnappers by keeping away un authorized person who can do harm to your child. Bouncers can mobilize the mob and help you in managing the crowd properly. This prevents activities which can harm your assets or equipments which is being used in events.

Educational qualification of Oteba personal security or Body guards

Obeta provides educated and well trained personal security officers or protection security managers for safeguarding life of loved and dear ones. They are matriculated and undergo Personal security service training internal Evaluation test for qualifying this post. These guards can prevent any potential harm to your family members by protecting their life in dangerous situations.  We also check their intelligence by making them write exams on regular basis from time to time.

Advantages of hiring personal body guards

Qualifications of becoming Personal body guard

The minimum qualification for becoming personal body guard is matriculation. The candidate must read and understand Hindi as well as English. They should have armed security training from any security agency and must have a qualified certificate. Only then they can apply for personal body guard. These guards are privately hired from Corporate Security Services in Bangalore. Security guards who work for these agencies are trustworthy and genuine.

Duties and responsibilities of private body guards

Salary and payscale

Depending on the qualification and experience in security services the salary may vary from person to person. Fresher or new joinee can expect 10-15K again it can depend on various other factors as well.

How to hire a private bodyguard in Bangalore?

Analyze the budget you want to spend for security services:- First and foremost thing you must finalize the amount of money that you want to spend on security services. A private body guard is generally most trusted and respectable in their profession. That is why they can be a costly affair as well. Choose between an executive protection and hostile environment bodyguard:-Many a times people select wrong category of body guard for security which again can be a bit expensive. Hiring body guards for executive protection for hostile environment is more expensive than unarmed security guard.

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