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Welcome to Oteba Corporate security services. We offer top class integrated and advanced corporate security system in corporate offices. Our security management system is considered to be the most advanced in technology and software’s which can help to track details of each and every aspect to prevent any loss or damage due to security issues.

Security issues that can happen in corporate offices

Data loss :

In any IT company where data is the integrity and one of the most sensitive piece of information data loss is regarded as most important. Data integrity is important and it should not be vulnerable and easily accessible to anyone. There must be some security to check un-authorized hard drives in IT floors.

Rude behavior between employees :

It is seen that many IT companies do not have any independent branch to deal with the un professional behavior between employees. This can lead to the fighting scene as well. In order to check these things preventive methods should be done and investigation team should be able to handle the situation as per company guidelines.

Unauthorized access :

Many a times people forget to bring their I card. In order to stop or prohibit the un- authorize access we have zero tolerance policy. Obeta corporate security guards allow only those who are authorized. In case someone need access must be authorized by supervisor or his immediate floor supervisor.

Compliance related issues :

There are many places in corporate office which is no mobile zone or no smoking zone. There are times when people knowingly or unknowingly perform such activity which is against the policy of the client. These compliance related issues must be dealt properly as this can also lead to termination of employee or droping the projects from that location itself.

Oteba security is one of the best for corporate security as it provides most advanced software to manage the attendance of security guards as well as employees. The card access for security guards calculates their entry and exit time. Security manager has access to tools which can efficiently check the records and manage in case of discrepancies. It helps in validation of employees and security inside the campus.

To ensure that metal is kept away inside the campus for security purposes there is doorway for metal detection in the entry and exit doors. This helps in checking person entering the campus has no metal objects like knife, sword, guns, pistols etc.

It is often seen that people start smoking in the production floor itself which might cause fire broke out. That is why Obeta installs anti smoke detector inside the floor to avoid such instances.

Obeta ITMS allows everyone to book the cab facility so that employees can go home safely. Obeta provides female as well as male guards in the cab for safety of employees during the travel. Female guards as well as male guard’s inside the cab to ensure safety and protect the female employee at night.

If security managers detect there is increase in the reports for disobedience and compliance related issues then he can also schedule a compulsory training for employees for the same. It ensures educating the right things for the employees and steps to follow to report any such incidents which they see.

Obeta security installs most advanced night vision CCTV camera for close view of any security checks inside the production floor or cafeteria. It ensures any loss due to theft or misplace of important articles. These live streaming also can be seen and viewed as it is also being stored. In case there is requirement to check CCTV footage for inspection this can be one of the best tool for investigation.

We have a dedicated team who assess the risk and mange it in suck that there is either no loss or minimize the loss. Handling risk at work station is one of the most crucial thing in corporate offices. Our mobile patrol team moves every rooms and floors to check if there is any type of risk or not. They check if the lights are switched off and doors are properly locked.


Oteba Cyber security team

Cross country corporate offices have to comply with the cyber security as per client’s guidelines across the border. To ensure any cyber threats we have virtual and most advanced security system to avoid any harmful virus which can protect the tools and software in the computers in work station.


Vulnerability management with Oteba security

The risk of being vulnerable can be most dangerous in any MNC or IT company. That is why Oteba securities protect each employee. For this we have ITMS which looks after the transport security system, Gateway security system to check the access at the entry and exit level.


Fire security management system

Risk of catching fire in IT firm is high. That is why it is considered to be most critical in security management system. Oteba security installs best fire alarm systems, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers at work station.


Automated Visitor management system

Oteba security is most advanced automated visitor management system to provide temporary access to family member of employees working in the organization. It is easily process to apply for visitor’s id card online from mobile app as well. 

Enhanced security

Enhanced security system by Oteba

As No.1 security agency we provide enhanced security system by Obeta. Best security service in emergency situation, providing help during medical emergency. Our integrated enhanced security system allows

Burglar+Emergency alarm

Burglar + Emergency alarm system

Our security agency provides best burlar and emergency alarm system to cope up with emergency situation in natural calamity like earthquakes etc. It helps in quick movement to employees to safe area to prevent their life from any dangers.

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