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Many people invests huge amount of money in building their dream homes to live in. But they fear from thieves, burglars who can potentially damage or cause loss to their property. Oteba provides best Residential Security Services to those clients who are worried about their residential property. It is seen that people are often killed because of internal jealously. That is where Oteba comes to safeguard your property from any potential threat or harm.


Prevention from theft – Oteba provides General Duty Guards integrated and advanced CCTV camera on the door as well as other corners of house to capture any suspicious events. Our automated Voice machine can recite any physical changes from outside like curtain raising or window opening etc. Hence user inside can be alert.



Alarms with Police van sounds:- If any thief enters your house or banglaw and the integrated system detects through CCTV automatically alarm will start ringing like police van and a text message is sent to the police station immediately for emergency.


Help in Medical emergency: – Obeta security provides security guards with advance technological devices which can immediately report the emergency case to ambulance for quick transportation of patient.


Dog squad team:- Privacy is concerned by almost everyone. Dogs are most trusted animal that provides safety to its care taker. Obeta security provides trained dog squads who can not only detect any threat within the area but can also be used for any weapon detection which might be hid by some hooligans.


Anti Fire alarm:- Mostly it is seen that fire in house is caused due to shortage in electric wire. That is Obeta security installs anti fire alarm to alert the house owners to go to the safe zone immediately. It also sends text message to nearest fire station.

Benefits of Oteba residential security system

Why should you choose residential security system from Oteba?

Oteba security aims to provide care free life to people. That is why we take complete responsibility to protect as well and safeguard life of house owner and relatives at any cost. Our security guard is trusted and has no criminal records. They are trained and personalized through hardcore training in Oteba Security Group. Our guards can prevent your property from any potential harm from thieves, or robbers. If you choose us we guarantee to safeguard your life as well as property. We also install motion detector for detecting suspicious activity outside your house. It is seen that robbers or thief breaks the glass of windows to enter that is why we provide automatic glass breaking sensor. If window glass pane is broken anyhow from outside then it immediately rings the alarm in the entire house with Police siren and also sends text message to nearest police station for immediate assistance.

Trained security guards for residential house

Oteba security Group is one of the most trusted and reputed name in Security Services Bangalore. We provide all types of security for residential flats, apartment or private bunglaw. If you want to assure 100% protection then you must hire our fully equipped and highly efficient trained security guards. These guards undertake full responsibility to protect you and your property from any threat.

Lady guards for adult female

Sometimes people are not comfortable to protect their adult female child by male security guard because they fear that something that happen. That is why we provide those clients who are worried about their daughter alone at home when they are outside

Liquor sensor

To keep people in drunken state away from perimeter of your property we have liquor sensor and liquor detector team who can inspect the suspected people around your house.

Metal detector at entrance

Robbers or thieves generally use metal bars to break the window pane hence we have metal detector sensor which detects any breakage caused by metal within the house. If such thing happens doors are automatically locked.

Home Patrol security guards

These guards check all risk factors at night to secure the safety inside the house. They keep an eye on CCTV live footage and sneak every suspicious activities outside or nearby your property.

Secret security guards

These are high profile security guard service given to VIP clients who need high security. These guards live as normal residents in locality. They keep an eye on everyone who can be potential threat to you, your family or your property

Intrusion protection through advance home automation system

Oteba security also provides advanced home automation system which can make your home more protective and smart. Smart smoke detector , Fire alarms , and burglar alarms can alert you and safeguard you in any emergency situation.

Benefits of getting residential corporate security services from Oteba

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