Industrial Securities Guard in Bangalore

Be proud of where you work. Obeta security is one of the country’s biggest secretly held security organizations, giving a scope of security administrations for business elevated structures, private networks, producing offices, government structures, automakers and then some. We believe that people come first, and that investing in our employees is one of the most important aspects of business. We also provide industrial Security Guards in Bangalore for safeguarding theft or loss of industrial assets from campus.

Advanced technologies security management system

Obeta security is top private security agency which uses advanced technologies in security management system. We provide access cards to entrance to prohibit un-authenticated or unauthorized access. Our Industrial guards undergo internal training of using these advanced tools and software. They can issue access card for visitors, guests, and allow access to specific production floor to new employees on the recommendation with supervisor or manager. Everything is done online through mail hence no one needs to come to the security desk just a simple mail will let your issue resolved immediately. Our industrial resolution rate and speed performance is high and hence they are efficient guards to secure your industrial assets.

Job responsibility of Industrial Security Guards Bangalore

  • Pursues all allocated post orders, both general and explicit;
  • Watches, intermittently, structures and grounds of mechanical plant or business foundation, docks, logging camp zone, or work site;
  • Watches anterooms, passages, and open rooms, meets with the executives, interviews visitors and representatives, and cross examines people to distinguish encroachments and research aggravations, objections, robberies, vandalisms, and mishaps;
  • Watches open zones to recognize fires, hazardous conditions, and absent or defective security hardware;
  • Inspects entryways, windows, and doors to verify that they are secure;
  • Performs and sets thermostatic controls to keep up indicated temperature in structures or cold extra spaces;
  • Assesses hardware and apparatus to find out if altering has happened;
  • Registers at watch stations to record time of examination trips;
  • Examines doled out regions and records information, for example, property harm, bizarre events, and breaking down of hardware or gear, for utilization of supervisory staff;
  • Looks for and reports abnormalities, for example, fire dangers, spilling water funnels, and security entryways left opened;
  • Cautions violators of guideline infractions, for example, lingering, smoking, or conveying taboo articles, and catches or ousts people participating in suspicious or criminal acts;
  • Tells staff of quality of people with flawed notorieties;
  • Grants approved people and directs vehicle/passerby traffic at plant access to keep up precise stream;
  • Drives radio prepared vehicle through customer's foundation, checks alert and finds wellsprings of caution;
  • Sounds alert or calls police or local group of fire-fighters by phone if there should be an occurrence of flame or nearness of unapproved people;
  • Helps the board and implementation officers in crisis circumstances;
  • Contacts boss by radio or phone to report anomalies and acquire further guidelines;
  • Composes examination and vehicle use reports

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