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Hotels are considered to be the most relaxing place for many businessmen. They come here for business annual meet and settle themselves in 2/3/4/5 stars hotels. Safety and security for these high profile clients are essential during their visit as any miss could be huge loss in hotel industry and their business. That is why hotels always trust most reputed Security Agency in Bangalore. We as No.1 security agency provide best hotel security services in all top rated hotels. Our security services are one of the best in hotel industry. Choose Oteba security and protect your hotel assets and property.

Integrated CCTV night vision camera installation

Hotel premises are vulnerable for theft that is why to capture any suspicious events advanced CCTV footage with night vision camera is installed in all corners as well as main entrance door. This can smartly capture the face of any unknown person who tries to enter the hotel premises for wrong purpose. These CCTV reports can be used for police verification purposes as well as documentation purpose as these are most genuine and trusted proof of our security agency.

Security guard at the

Oteba security provides best Personal Security Guard at the entrance to safeguard and protect hotel assets. They can also logs registers for any visitors inside the hotel and also check in or check out the entry. These records are maintained manually and can also be managed online through computer system. We also have trained security guards who can secure the hotel premises.

Automated Hotel security system

Oteba security is one of the best in providing integrated automated hotel security system to hotels. These advanced technology can help hotel owners to manage the security system online as well. With advanced motion detectors and sensors installed we can detect any suspicious activity. CCTV can be used to capture the live footage of any activity. Highly advanced fire alarm system and burglar alarms can be useful in any emergency situation.

Safety at car parking area

It is important to safeguard vehicles which are parked in hotels. Hotel industry is based on the service they offer and if the security is weak then there could be huge loss as well. We provide best traffic management system and car parking safety to all users. Our security guards work day and night to protect private vehicles of people who come to hotels.

FIRE IN HOTEL Flames in the lodging may result in the damage and death toll of both the visitors and the staff. Primary driver of fire are

  1. Smoking:

    ⦁ Smoke just where permitted.
    ⦁ Put out cigarettes in the ideal spot.
    ⦁ Sufficient slag plate ought to be given in eating places and in rooms, yet far from blinds and draperies.
    ⦁ Educate the visitors about flame conceivable outcomes because of smoking.

  2. Defective wiring, flawed apparatuses and engine and destroyed protection. Such dangers ought to be promptly answered to the concerned individual and such hardware ought to be quickly fixed
  3. Laundry Areas: Care ought to be taken to see that none of the electrical gear is left on after use
  4. Gas spills: Precautions ought to be taken against this particularly in kitchen zones.
  5. Combustible waste: Combustible material ought to never be left close to the engine compartment
  6. Kitchen: All gear, for example, fireplaces, debilitates, ventilators, flame broils, hoods and so forth which gather a ton of smoke vapor and burst into flames effectively ought to be cleaned consistently.

    Elevator shafts: These require consistent check and review. Cigarette butts can touch off the flotsam and jetsam and oils that assemble at the base of lift shafts.

Circumstance of theft in hotel

Burglary is partitioned into four classifications: Burglary by representatives of the inn can be maintained a strategic distance from by: Work business and individual references ought to be checked before the worker is procured. A point by point record of all workers who go into the visitor room, for example, maidservants bellboys room young men upkeep and so forth .All lodging keys ought to be come back to the office concerned and no representative ought to be permitted to remove keys from the inn’s premises.

Avoiding Liquors inside hotels

Damage to hotel property by guests:-

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